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Services for Individuals, Families, Groups & Workplace

Comprehensive Personal Nutrition Plan


Achieve your health goals with a nutrition roadmap made-to-order. After completing a comprehensive nutritional and lifestyle assessment, we'll work together on a manageable plan to ensure your success. In addition, you'll receive a menu plan with meals and snacks tailored to your preferences, detailed recipes, shopping lists, and educational and support materials.

Individual Nutritional Package—$395. Thorough 2-hour assessment session plus 3-half hour follow up sessions.

Superfoods Cooking Class


Use simple tips and techniques to maximize precious time in the kitchen and achieve nutritious, delicious results.  We'll prepare multiple healthy dishes and snacks showcasing local ingredients and seasonal produce matched with other powerhouse foods. Detailed recipes, shopping lists, and nutrition tip sheets are included.  Classes provided in-home and perfect for individuals, families or small groups.


Cooking class—$125 for individual 2 1/2-hour class. Price adjusted for a group. Includes food.

Lunch & Learn

Make lunchtime a health education opportunity with an interactive group lunch and presentation focusing on important nutrition topics. Nutrition for stress management, keys to improving digestion, or hormones and weight management are just a few examples of possible topics. Together we'll plan a relevant topic that will ensure everyone leaves with practical nutrition tips they can implement right away. A delicious lunch showcases health-promoting foods and simple methods for preparing at home.

Group Lunch & Learn—$220 for up to 6 people. Price adjusted up for larger group. Approx. 90 minute session. Includes food.

Workplace Wellness Programs

Reduce employee sick days and health-related costs while boosting morale and promoting a culture of good health. Programs tailored to employee needs and interests with topics ranging from nutrition 101, hormone balance and weight loss, to stress reduction and the keys to restful sleep. The core of every program includes food and herb demontrations (and tastings!), as well as guidance for nutritional supplements that support health and wellness goals.


Prices to be determined by scope and duration of the engagement. Please contact me and let's discuss your ideas.

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