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#1 Tip for Eating Healthy

Preparing most of your meals at home is by far the best way to eat healthy. To be successful, though, you need to have a few ingredients tucked away in your pantry (and freezer) for times when you’re low on fresh ingredients, time, and energy. This list can get you started, but is by no means an exhaustive inventory. Take note of dishes you prepare that are tasty and satisfying. Create working recipe templates with ideas for convenient swaps and stock up on those ingredients when they’re on sale. The next time you arrive home at the end of a busy day or after a long week, your well stocked pantry will be there to greet you!

  • canned beans (BPA-free lining or tetra pak)

  • quick cooking whole grains such as brown rice, quinoa, millet, and amaranth

  • dried green, red lentils

  • onions, garlic, ginger

  • jarred whole tomatoes

  • marinated artichokes, peppers, olives, sun-dried tomatoes

  • canned salmon, sardines, anchovies

  • stocks and bone broth (frozen and tetra pak)

  • dried herbs/spices, vinegars, extra virgin olive oil, your favorite ethnic condiments

  • frozen veggies, especially cauliflower rice!!

  • organic tempeh and tofu (freeze)

  • pastured eggs

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